Solutions to major music market problems:

Problem 1:
Presently, it’s nearly impossible for new, unsigned talent to create buzz without a significant promo budget to go viral
WAVEX Talent Discovery AI (TDAI) employs machine learning to identify emerging talent.

Problem 2:
Music streamers face difficulties accurately matching music to their listeners’ tastes due to un-holistic music recommendation algorithms relying on a very limited data set.
WAVEX Music Promotion AI (MPAI) uses machine learning to define the most taste-matching audience for the discovered artists; then, it promotes the emerging ones to fans through streaming services and social media.

Problem 3:
There is no efficient marketplace allowing music consumers to capitalize on their favorite music artists and songs.
WAVEX provides an ultimate AI-powered Marketplace for the general public and emerging artists to buy and sell music IP rights.

What does WAVEX do:

Step 1: Creators and their IP rights owners submit music to the market.

Step 2: Talent Discovery AI Engine (TDAI) receives play count over streamers’ APIs and discovers promising tracks and artists.

Step 3: Promising artists are submitted to the Music Promotion AI Engine (MPAI) to establish a perfect match with music lovers’ tastes.

Step 4: Music lovers receive matching recommendations and exchange received music with their peers programmatically, thus generating a WAVE of popularity.

Step 5: The IP rights for the new emerging music items above are placed for trading* on WAVEX Marketplace.

Step 6: Fans and retail investors make profits and support emerging artists by buying and selling their IP rights on the exchange.

How does WAVEX do it:

1. Talent Discovery:

WAVEX TDAI (Talent Discovery AI Engine) provides proven hit song prediction to identify emerging artist trends and discover promising artists and songs.

While most previous models formulate hit song prediction as a regression or classification challenge, WAVEX TDAI is a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that treats it as a ranking challenge.

2. Music Promotion:

WAVEX MPAI (Music Promotion AI Engine) employs the patent-pending PeerPal MRS (Music Recommender System) to match music lovers across streaming services and social media.

As a result, the most suitable music recommendations are being distributed virally through streaming communities and social media.

3. Moneymaking:

• WAVEX Marketplace is open for a broad range of independent and corporate music IP rights owners: artists and record labels; big players such as TuneCore or Warner Music Group, as well as for fans and the general public of all ages.*

WAVEX Marketplace makes it possible for music lovers to support their favorite artists by buying equity in their IP rights portfolio as a commodity and receiving revenue from the royalties paid by music distributors.

The royalty market volatility on WAVEX Marketplace is derived from the fact that the music streaming/listening time is a finite value, so the new hits are displacing the older ones while any older one can come back in popularity at any time, thus making it attractive to speculatory investors and day traders to buy and sell shares in music IP rights.

Empowered by unprecedented talent discovery and music promotion mechanisms (TDAI & MPAI), WAVEX Marketplace provides IP rights owners, music lovers, and speculative investors with the turnkey solution to capitalize on the music market.

*Note: Underage investors are allowed by law to conduct financial transactions through their respective Custodial Accounts.

What does it look like for the user:

Who benefits, and how: WIN-WIN FOR ALL!

Creators, Performers
and Record Labels

Emerging artists virally promoted through streaming services and social media are gaining vast popularity fast and raising funds from their fans on the WAVEX Marketplace.

Speculatory Investors
and Day Traders

For stock, commodities, and all other financial markets communities, WAVEX reveals fresh, AI-powered, and high-volatility trading instruments to buy and sell, thus providing for additional diversification of their trading portfolios.

Music retailers and IP owners

By subscribing to WAVEX Music Recommendation API, music streamers such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, or Apple Music provide their listeners with perfectly matching music suggestions, thus increasing the level of client engagement and appreciation to stay ahead of the competition. Large IP owners such as Warner Music, UMG, and Sony gain justified AI-supported decisions for emerging artists' IP rights, as well as the viral promotions of the content they own.

Social Media, Dating Apps

Through the WAVEX Music Recommendation API, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as dating services such as Bumble, Hinge, or Tinder provide instant rapport and common ground for vis-à-vis due to guaranteed shared interests and cultural tastes, thus highly increasing the user-to-user traffic, improving the user engagement leading to efficiency and profitability of advertising

Market depth assessment: sources of revenue:

Listing Fee for Performers and Record Labels

20 million artists share their music on SoundCloud, seeking recognition and effective promotion. WAVEX is going to charge at least a $100 annual listing fee, which corresponds to a $2 billion annual market depth.

Annual Subscription Fee for Music Lovers

According to, there are over 400 million music streaming subscribers worldwide. WAVEX is planning to charge them as low as a $10 annual subscription fee, which corresponds to a $4 billion annual market depth.

Music Recommendation Fee for Streamers

Music streamers such as Spotify or Apple Music are looking for ways to improve music recommendations for their subscribers. There are over 400 million music streaming subscribers worldwide. WAVEX is planning to charge as low as $0.001 per recommendation. On average, the music lover receives about 1,500 music recommendations a year, which corresponds to a $600 million annual market depth.

User Engagement Fee for Social Media Apps

To boost advertising exposure, social media apps should increase the in-network timespan by their subscribers. By exchanging fresh music recommendations between unfamiliar people, WAVEX would generate at least 7 billion new engagements yearly for 400 million socializing music lovers.
$0.10 per new engagement yields additional annual $80 CPM revenue for social media apps while producing over $700 million annual market depth for WAVEX.


Competitive advantage:

There are digital marketplaces in the music market, such as Royalty Exchange or GlobalRockStar, allowing creators to sell and investors to buy music IP rights. Period — none of them do anything else but provide buy and sell capabilities.

At that, investors will not get any prompt on what to buy, while the emerging artists — the potential IP sellers — are not able to reach buyers. As a result, neither creators nor their fans/investors get what they deserve.

WAVEX is aimed to change the game:

1. WAVEX patent pending Talent Discovery AI identifies the new emerging artists early, thus ensuring their recognition by the fans.
2. WAVEX patent pending Music Promotion AI promotes new music to its lovers through streaming and social media.
3. WAVEX Music Royalty Exchange provides an ultimate AI-powered Marketplace for the general public and emerging artists to buy and sell music IP rights.


  • WAVEX offers innovative turn-key solutions to the music industry players.
    Integrating unique and patent-pending AI algorithms into the traditional exchange and auction-based marketplace allows emerging artists to gain popularity fast while letting fans capitalize on the artists’ success.


  • WAVEX team is looking for financial collaborators to complete a marketable product deployment.

  • We also welcome a music streaming partner to collaborate in delivering the proof of demand on the volumetric focus group.
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