WAVEX to fulfill music industry demands:

Creators,  Performers
and Record Labels

According to THE VERGE, “Over 200 million tracks have been uploaded to SoundCloud.”

“…40,000 music tracks are now being uploaded to the Spotify platform daily. …Independent artists now panicking that they’ll never be found on the world’s biggest music streaming platform …” – says Spotify founder Daniel Ek.

Music Streamers
and Distributors

According to QUARTZ, “…music services are afflicted by a data gap. This impact…how artists who fit into an acceptable genre are compensated versus those who fall through the cracks…”

According to IJMIR, “…Music recommender systems (MRSs) have experienced a boom in recent years… …However, such systems are still far from being perfect and frequently produce unsatisfactory recommendations…”.

Music Lovers
and Investors

According to techcrunch.com, “After 15+ years of being the last industry anyone wanted to invest in, the music industry is coming back, and money is flooding in to buy up the rights to popular songs. The surge in music streaming means a surge in income for those who own the copyrights to songs.”

“Music royalties …offering a host of opportunities for not only the traditional investor but for global audiences and retail investors alike.”- says Marzio Schena, CEO of ANote Music.

According to Rolling Stone, “This works for all sizes of artists, from those small [acts] who need money to get started, through to big-time artists who have been on a major label for a while, with millions of social media followers; with just one message on their Instagram channel, they could capture hundreds of thousands of people who might be interested in investing in their next song. If that sounds a little pie in the sky, consider this: The most popular music artist on Instagram today is Ariana Grande, who boasts around 162 million followers on the service. If she could convince just one percent of these fans to invest $10 each into her new music, it would net her $16.2 million – a figure that blows most major-label advance checks out of the water.”

The concept:

  • WAVEX Music Royalty Exchange provides an ultimate AI-powered marketplace for the general public and emerging artists to buy and sell music IP rights.
  • WAVEX Talent Discovery AI (TDAI) employs machine learning to identify new talent.
  • WAVEX Music Promotion AI (MPAI) uses machine learning to define the most taste-matching audience for the discovered artists; then, it promotes the emerging ones to fans through streaming services and social media.
  • At the core of WAVEX is a music Intellectual Property (IP) marketplace, where owners of music copyrights can list their IP assets to the public in the form of “shares” in those assets, tradable on a daily basis.
  • The concept can work for different types of IP holdings, including music, books, film/television, video games, and theatrical productions.
  • However, WAVEX will be built around music IP because of the unique characteristics of the domestic and international record business, which make its IP assets highly amenable to being offered on a public market.

Why dig into music IP:

  • The extremely high frequency of new songs being released means an over-supply of products; inadequate music recommendation algorithms only frustrate this process.
  • The proven ability of independent (non-major label) artists to “crossover” into mainstream consciousness through independent digital promotion & viral marketing campaigns gives millions of aspiring, eager-to-spend musicians the hope of reaching a “tipping point.”
  • The relatively low cost of producing and distributing music digitally means a low barrier of entry for new content producers, which means an ever-increasing customer base.
  • Historical resilience of the Music Industry, even in the face of economic downturns.
  • High adaptability by music consumers of new technologies & innovations in experiential models means consumers & the industry are highly open to discovering new monetizable channels of artist-fan interaction, such as occurs with the commodification of songs.
  • The preponderance of “360 deals” between major record labels and artists means labels are increasingly looking for new revenue generators outside of the traditional matrix of downloads/concert tickets/fan-club/branded merchandise sales.

Day trading availability:

  • WAVEX allows for the daily trading of music IP assets listed on the exchange –through WAVEX, for the first time, the general public will be able to buy and sell “shares” in songs and recordings in a similar fashion to buying stocks in public companies.
  • Existing companies in the music “equity crowdfunding” space, such as Hipgnosis, Corite, or Royalty Exchange, use an auction-based model and do not let the bidders buy & sell to each other.

Why will the industry get onboard:

  • WAVEX offers a new fundraising mechanism for music IP rights-holders (record labels, publishers, artists, songwriters, producers) without having to create a new infrastructure to support it.
  • WAVEX lets music IP rights holders maximize their profits by leaving a limited portion of ownership in their IP rights open to speculative investment.
  • By tapping into the speculative power inherent in “buzz,” the driver of the music industry, rights-holders with promising high-profile IP assets in their portfolio can potentially earn more than what they would have if they kept their copyrights “privately owned.”
  • Our platform provides a new form of advertising and promotions, which provides music rights holders the ability to offset some of the cost of their promotions budget by “going public” on WAVEX with their most promising music IP assets.

Why consumers will dig it:

  • With WAVEX, fans get to actually “own” a piece of their favorite songs, another way for fans to show their support for their favorite artists and make the perfect gift.
  • WAVEX is the first “equity crowdfunding” platform that gives the public the tools they need to buy and sell music IP without any intermediary such as an auction house.
  • A host of additional product features, such as a proprietary Music Promotion AI (MPAI), a free “virtual version” of the platform, our music player/playlist curator, a private chat function between users, and other engaging user features increases the scope of WAVEX and broadens its appeal beyond the limited investor demographic served by the marketplace, allowing us to attract the valuable attention of general music fans, for which advertisers will pay.

More than just a public exchange:

  • WAVEX is a marketplace, industry database, and discovery engine where users can go to discover new songs and connect with new people while doing so.
  • At the same time, industry professionals learn about current forecasts and trend analysis from a suite of investor tools, such as trend forecast reports, a running ticker tape with current song prices, and industry news digest will also find an audience with non-investor industry professionals, who will rely on our metric tools in their own assessments and reports.

  • WAVEX offers innovative turn-key solutions to the music industry players.
    Integrating unique and patent-pending AI algorithms into the traditional exchange and auction-based marketplace allows emerging artists to gain popularity fast while letting fans capitalize on the artists’ success.


  • WAVEX team is looking for financial collaborators to complete a marketable product deployment.

  • We also welcome a music streaming partner to collaborate in delivering the proof of demand on the volumetric focus group.
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